Keep me going pack

Glycaemic Index

Keep Me going...™  has a Glycaemic Index (Gi) of 50. This has been calculated as eaten (but without adding milk; a with-milk value is likely to be significantly lower).

Gi was independently calculated by Hammersmith Hospital, London, over a two week period and using a team of volunteers.Gi values tell you how quickly the carbohydrates turn to sugar in your blood. The lower the value, the slower the energy release - so low is better.

With a Glycaemic Index value of just 50, “Keep Me Going..” releases its energy slowly, rather than all at once, so you won’t flag or feel hungry later on. (Think of it as putting a solid piece of oak on a fire, rather than a newspaper or piece of cardboard).

Gi should be measured without milk. Our tests were independently carried out by Hammersmith Hospital, London and involved 12 volunteers over a two week period. The value is calculated as eaten, but without milk, in order to give a more accurate representation (calculating the value with milk is likely to lower the Gi value significantly).

EU Article 13 Nutriton & Health Claims

Although the EU legislation which came into force in December 2012 allows us to display the Gi value, it prohibits us from spelling out what this means directly to consumers – either on pack or via consumer marketing. (We are not even able to describe our Gi as low!)

This is because the benefits of Gi have not yet been recognised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Member states have to date submitted over 44,000 health and nutrition claims for inclusion in the approved register, but only 222 have been accepted. Many of the permitted claims relate to vitamins and minerals.

Nevertheless, many health professionals and consumers are extremely interested in Gi values and are free to discuss the benefits in any way they chose.