About Us

Imagine, you’re sitting around the breakfast table, idly glancing at the nutritional breakdown on a couple of cereal cartons, when suddenly you realise just how much sugar and salt’s inside. Surely that can’t be right? Holy moley, this one’s even worse!

That was us a couple of years ago. Shouldn’t it be possible, we mused, to produce something better? A range of cereals also packed with nutritional benefits? How hard could that be..?

Well, quite tricky, as it turned out, but in the end we surprised even our most demanding critics, younger family members included. So now it’s over to you; our success is in your hands (or cereal bowl, possibly, if reading this at breakfast).

Keep Me Going pack
Keep Me Strong pack

All our cereals are reduced sugar and low salt, with extra functional benefits too. We're currently working on "Keep Me Sweet" (with a natural sugar replacement) and "Keep Me Gluten Free"- so watch out for further news!